Roof Trusses

Bartram roof trusses are manufactured in our premises at Sandy Bedfordshire, our roof trusses are carefully designed to carry the load of your home’s roof to the outside walls. With a range of bespoke delivery vehicles we are able to deliver ordered trusses to any required location or site and the Bartram brand is your guarantee of quality for your single or multi home project, all of our roof trusses are prepared on site to exact standards with the highest quality control. Nearly 80% of new homes constructed today use pre-manufactured roof trusses instead of traditional rafters to support the roof!

Bartram have been manufacturing and supplying wooden roof trusses within Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, the Home Counties and East of England since 1995.

Just some reasons why you should choose Bartram roof trusses for your next project.

In conventional roof building, a carpenter would build a roof frame, which leaves much to chance and the builder’s opinion in terms of the roof’s strength. A truss roof system is designed by engineers in a factory to accommodate the specific roof design and meet building regulations, which allows for a more uniform size and roof pitch.

Higher quality materials and strength; Bartram roof trusses are fabricated at our factory, where the materials are not exposed to inclement weather or moisture conditions.

Trusses can typically be installed in a single day, speeding the home construction process and getting the structure closed up sooner, which helps prevent moisture and other weather elements from getting inside.

Trusses are cheaper than conventional roof framing due to labour savings and since they are built from shorter lengths of 2×4 timber rather than the large size timber required in building rafters and ceiling joists.

Roof truss systems allow for almost any custom roof design and shape imaginable, allowing features such as cross gables and cathedral ceilings without being prohibitively expensive.

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