What are easi-joist®?

Bartram design and supply the easi-joist® metal web joist system.

Not only do these joists outperform sawn timber in span and dimensional stability, the additional benefits of a greater bearing area and open web system make them simple to install for the carpenter, plumber and electrician, decreasing valuable time and cost.

Benefits of easi-joist®

Our easi-joist® solutions have some amazing benefits

Open Web Design

Allows for easier and more useful installation of services


Smaller timber sections and light weight metal webs means easier control.

Handling and Installation

A wide bearing offers rapid setting out and better-quality joist stability along with easier fixing of decking.

Long-term Stability

Significantly reduced shrinkage delivers a quieter floor system.

Reduced site wastage

Factory manufactured joists reduces site modifications and wastage.

Improved sound and vibraton

Strongback installation significantly enhances overall floor performance.


Integrated software ensures precise design and production of easi-joist®.

Here you can click and download the official documents to learn more about easi-joists®

easi-joist® Leaflet

easi-joist® Technical Guide

easi-joist® Site Guide

easi-panel® Brochure

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