Spandrel Panels

What are Spandrel Panels?

Spandrel Panels are manufactured and pre assembled panels that are used as separating walls or as external gable roof ends.

Spandrel Panels can be used instead of and to replace the need of masonary walls. Certified within building regulations to conform with sound and fire requirements.

Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insect attack. It simply seasons over time if left untreated to an attractive silver grey appearance. Cedar offers superior acoustic qualities too, helping to reduce noise or confine it to specific areas. It is also an excellent material for thermal insulation – in summer keeping the building cool and in winter preventing the heat from escaping.

Reasons to consider Spandrel Panels

Easy to install as part of a timber frame build.

Replaces the need for masonary walls.

Quick to install, saving time.


Cost effective.

Satisfies building regulations.

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