Siberian Larch

What is Siberian Larch?

Siberian Larch procures slow grown Larch wood from Siberia, which is readily available with FSC™.

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The product is consequently denser, straight grained and contains less knots. This species of timber is a popular choice for cladding throughout Europe, but is only recently gaining prominence in the UK.

Ideal for external use..

Larch wood is very strong robust wood with moderate durability, and is resistant to rot and fungal attack making it ideal for outdoor use. The timber is pleasing to the eye with warm colours, golden brown varying to yellow and orange in the heartwood. Due to its high density, Larch wood is not flammable, maintains high wear-resistance and is non-corrosive. It requires no preservative treatment, and like Cedar will silver sown with U.V. exposure over a period of one to two years.

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